Stichting Wasjikwa
Welkom op onze site!


Welcome to our Wasjikwa Foundation!

We wish you a warm welcome to Wasjikwa, " OUR HOUSE " in the Lokono language from Suriname, 

the house for indigenous heritage from Suriname!


We invite you to participate in our indigenous workshops including bead weaving, traditional costume and hammock making. In addition to knowledge transfer, we also find being together and sharing stories important.


We publish a quarterly magazine with themes about indigenous culture from Suriname. We are also committed to publications for and by Surinamese indigenous people. With this we want to raise awareness of the original inhabitants and share their history, culture and knowledge in the Netherlands.



Wasjikwa means "Our House" in the Lokono Djang. This means that everyone is welcome with us. We are open to bundling and knowledge exchange. Contact us for an introduction and further information!

Measure our current board:

Mrs. Martha Sabajo


Photos credit: Alisha van der Meer

Mrs. Leander Vermaning